We pride ourselves in the ability to bring forth our acknowledgement, experience and flexibility in catering to our partners’ needs. Secondary to that is our ability to inject a high level of energy and passion in all our undertaking.
Customer Service, Professional Phone Handling, Teambuilding, Presentation Skills, Proficient Management Skills, Train-the-Trainer, Induction / Orientation Workshop, Business Dining Etiquette, Dressing for a Fantastic First Impression, Process Re-organisation, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Human Resource Recruitment, Human Resource Performance and Development Planning, Change Management


While we provide a wide spectrum of services, we specialise in several areas to cater to different organisations’ needs:

• Customer Service Skills for Excellence
• Professional Phone Handling Skills
• Teambuilding for Enhanced Team Performance
• Professional Presentation Skills
• Build the ‘Leader’ in You
• Proficient Management Skills
• Coaching for Practical Application
• Train-the-Trainer
• Cultural Orientation Workshop
• Induction / Orientation Workshop
• Image Coaching for Graduates
• Business Dining Etiquette
• Dressing for a Fantastic First Impression

• Process Re-organisation
• Customer Satisfaction Survey
• Human Resource Recruitment
• Human Resource Performance and Development Planning
• Change Management

Key Differentiating Factor?
We bring along a world-wide experience that is capable in suiting both Western and Oriental needs.

The world can be

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