We pride ourselves in the ability to bring forth our acknowledgement, experience and flexibility in catering to our partners’ needs. Secondary to that is our ability to inject a high level of energy and passion in all our undertaking.
Customer Service, Professional Phone Handling, Teambuilding, Presentation Skills, Proficient Management Skills, Train-the-Trainer, Induction / Orientation Workshop, Business Dining Etiquette, Dressing for a Fantastic First Impression, Process Re-organisation, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Human Resource Recruitment, Human Resource Performance and Development Planning, Change Management


Adapt Solutions was founded on three fundamental beliefs:

• Change is imminent
• Each individual will always have an area of improvement
• Every valued client have their unique objectives and needs

It is often said that “Change is the only constant”. This has, of course, been ‘louder’ than ever over the course of the Millennium. Organisations have to make modifications constantly in their business strategy, structure and systems. This ensures they stay effective, efficient and profitable.

As good as an organisation gets, there are always better ways to get things done. While the debate of innovation and creativity may continue as nature versus nurture, at Adapt Solutions, we believe that the providing of guidance and coaching will ensure the direction is accurate.

While most service providers take the approach of “one size fits all”, we would like to believe that our greatest niché in the industry is the ability to customise our engagement with our clients. This ensures we provide value to our clients and the impact generated is optimised.

With the combined experience of more than thirty years in the Customer Service industry as well as the Marketing industry, our core competency lies in the area of:

• Customer Service Skills enhancement Programmes

Out of a long list of services we are able to provide, some of the commonly requested for professional services across the Asian region include:

• Teambuilding Programmes
• Presentation Skills Programmes
• Leadership Programmes
• Management Skills Programmes
• Coaching Skills Programmes
• Process Re-organisation Workshops
• Customer Satisfaction Surveys
• Cultural Orientation Programmes

The methods used in traditional learning has transformed and evolved. Having said that, we believe in making a difference in our approach. We ensure that participants constantly stay engaged, focused and energised.




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